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System Requirements

Operating Systems

You will need one of the following Windows operating systems to run the Insuretax program.

Environment Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7
32 Bit X X X
64 bit X X X

Disk space

You must have at least 40MB of free disk space to install the Insuretax software. If you are replacing a prior version, you will need at least 30.00 MB of free space on your hard drive to install the program. The install program will check for free space before proceeding.

Monitor and Video Card

At least 1024X768 VGA mode is required. Fonts should be set to Small fonts.


Insuretax uses any printer that is supported in a Windows environment.

To create return in PDF format, use any trird party PDF driver.


If you are installing Insuretax for Windows for the first time, the installation module will create a new folder called Insuretax. The Insuretax program icons (Uninstall, Back Up, Roll Forward, and Insuretax ) programs will be added to this folder. It will automatically create shortcuts on the desktop. Users must ensure that all other applications are closed before installing this program.

After the first installation for Insuretax all future installations must be installed to the SAME directory. Creating directories within the Insuretax tax directory will cause you to loose the link to your company data files. Each release for a new taxation year will create a new short cut keeping the program files for different years separate. Updates for each version will only update the program files and will not affect data files. It is mandatory that back up files be created using the Insuretax back up module prior to installing a new release.

Do not use uninstall Insuretax unless you contact our office. This will cause all data to be permanently deleted

Installing CD version

If you are installing to the E drive, replace references to "D" with "E" in the following instructions

  • Close all applications
  • Insert the CD disk in drive D
  • Wait for Setup starts (or Double-Click on your CD-drive icon in 'My Computer' menu)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Network Installation

Insuretax can be installed on your desktop or on a network. However, only one user may update the data at a time on the network.

Installation of an updated version

  • Close all applications
  • Insert the CD disk in drive D
  • Wait for Setup starts (or Double-Click on your CD-drive icon in 'My Computer' menu), this will open a dialog box where you have the options of Install programs or Exit
  • Click Install program
  • If LAN installation is done from a remote workstation, Insuretax must also be installed from each users desktop to the SAME LAN directory for the registry files to be updated and the shortcuts to be accessed at the users workstation.
Installing a new version does not affect the current data.

Changing PC's

Following are the step that should be followed to successfully move your Insuretax software from one PC to another. Copying your Insuretax directories from one PC to another will not work. The files will be copied but you will not be able to access your Companies from your Company List. For step-by-step information on Backing up and restoring files see the Section Back Up / Restore.

  • Using the PC that currently has Insuretax installed double click on the Back Up module. (Insuretax module must be closed)
  • Create Back ups of all companies to a LAN directory with sub folders for each tax year.
  • On new PC install Insuretax versions Prior years and Current year. (Assuming that you have used Insuretax for two years or more and you want to be able to access historical data)
  • On new PC double click Back UP module and go to Restore tab
  • Restore all Companies
  • Close Back Up Module
  • Double click on Insuretax
  • All Companies should now be showing on your Company List.


If these steps are not followed and you encounter difficulties, contact Insuretax to see if there is a utility available to restore your Company data.