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Roll Forward

The Roll Forward feature should be used when creating a new taxation year. It will save you the time of re-entering all your company information data and will roll forward any applicable ending balances to the opening balances. Alternatively you can create a new company each year. If you have used the Notes feature you have the option of rolling them forward or not.

Note: If data for Tax 15A, 15A (L), Tax 16 and Tax 16(L) have been entered at the summary level the roll forward feature cannot function properly. For those users who choose to use summarized information the roll forward of these schedules will have to be done manually.

The following are some of the schedules and forms with roll forward capabilities:

Federal T2 Input Other
Schedule 1 and Workpapers Tax 5 Company details
Schedule 2 Tax 6 Notes
Schedule 4 Tax 10 Input 3 (Schedule 150)
Schedule 8 Tax 11 T106 Slips
Schedule 9 Tax 12 Schedule 150
Schedule 10 Tax 14
Schedule 13 Tax 15
Schedule 15 Tax 16
Schedule 19 Tax 21
Schedule 23 Tax 22
Schedule 25 Tax 24
Schedule 29 Tax 25
Schedule 36 Tax 26
Schedule 37 Tax 32
Schedule 39 Tax 34
Schedule 42
Schedule 43
Schedule 50
Schedule 343
Schedule 362

How to Roll Forward

  • Execute Insuretax.
  • Select Company you want to Roll Forward
  • Click Roll Forward Button.
  • A dialog box will appear prompting you to enter File Name:(this is a file name not the official Company name that will appear on your returns) Taxation year beginning and end date
  • Edit these fields if defaults are not correct
  • You have the option of rolling forward:
    • Notes - If you wish to roll forward notes check the notes box
    • T2 schedules only
    • Investment part
    • All. This will roll forward T2 schedules and investment information into a new file for the next taxation year.
  • Click Next
  • Click OK when you see the Roll forward completed dialog box .
  • Return to the Main Menu. You will see that a new company was created with the file name you entered above.


This feature facilitates the backing up of company data either on the hard drive or to a LAN directory as a preventative measure in case data is lost or corrupted, Restore will restore the backed-up information to the Insuretax Main Menu screen. When the program is loaded, a short-cut key is created automatically and added to your desktop. The Backup/Restore module can also be activated from the main menu by clicking on Tools then selecting Backup/Restore your Company.

To create back up

  • Double click on the InsureTax Backup icon, which appears on your desktop. This short-cut icon has been created automatically during installation. Or from the main menu by clicking on Tools then selecting Backup/Restore your Company
  • Select the Back-Up tab at the top of the screen. Highlight the Company to be Backed Up.
  • After identifying the company, click on the Create Backup button.
  • Identify filename and appropriate directory in which to save the Backup file, the same filename can be used or a new filename can be used. Saving it, as a different filename is an extra safety precaution, this allows the user to backup minor changes in the same company under different filenames.
  • Click Save
  • When back up is complete dialog box will appear with "Back up successful" it will also show you the compression rate of the backed up files.
  • Click OK
  • Close


To restore backed up files

  • Double click on the InsureTax Backup icon. This icon allows for Back-up of files and restoration of Backed-up files. Can also be activated from the main menu by clicking on Tools then selecting Backup/Restore your Company.
  • Select the Restore tab at the top of the screen.
  • Choose directory where back up files are located. All the available back up Company data files will be displayed in the top right hand box. The date of the back up will also be displayed.
  • Identify if the file should be restored under the original company name (which would overwrite the existing files) or under a new company name. If the company is restored under the same company name, the date of the restore will also appear with the name of the company.
  • Click on the Restore Company button.
  • When the restore is complete a dialog box will appear with "Restore successfully finished. The number of files of total number restored" i.e. 140 files of 140 restored.
  • Click OK
  • Close