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Frequently Asked Questions

Insuretax is designed to be easy to use and flexible. However, should any problems occur while installing or using the program the user should read this section and follow these guidelines.

We recommend that each user become familiar with this section, since it may save unnecessary problems from occurring. The solutions recommend in this section are only guidelines. There maybe some solutions that are not outlined in this section because they are more unique and complex, please consult the vendor. The vendor will need to know in detail the actions that were performed. The next section outlines the problem solving steps of frequently asked questions

Do I need to create a new directory prior to installing a new release?
I am getting an error message 'Grid Index Out of Range', what does this mean, what do I do?
Why will Insuretax not allow me to enter a negative number in this field?
How do I delete a row on a worksheet?
What do I do if the program generates an error message?
What do I do if I'm unable to install the program because the IDAPI file or the destination drive cannot be accessed?
How do I override an Insuretax value?
How do I remove the override on an Insuretax value?
Can I have other programs other programs active in the background when Insuretax is active?
What happens when Insuretax encounters a corrupt field while uploading OSFI?
Where should I make changes to Insuretax data?
How do I move my Insuretax software from one PC to another?
How do I save more than one version of my tax return?